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About Us

LUXMI BATTERIES is one of the most respected names in India's Battery Industry. Brand ‘LUXMI’ is synonymous with quality, efficiency and reliability of the finest of batteries/plates. No wonder, our products are ISO 9000-9001 certified.

Our success has been the result of several factors - a dedicated workforce, continual process advances, a company-wide commitment to satisfying customer needs, and a full range of batteries for every application. We are two decades plus and still going strong.

To meet our high standard, our modern state-of-the-art factory possess the latest machinery for manufacturing and testing purposes, such as Automatic Grid Casting, Paste Mixing, Plate Formation, Plate Dry Charging, Tubular Filling for Plates Manufacturing. Also, Punching Plant, Welding Plant & Heat Sealing Plant is available to manufacture world class batteries.

An in-house separate quality control department with Modern Laboratory equipment exists. Tests such as checking test, welding stress test, leakage test and drop test are regularly conducted to ensure compliance with stringent quality norms.

Another notable feature of our factory is Special grid mesh design holds the active material intact, using world's top quality Pb. Sb. type Grid. Also, use of ultra tough polypropylene container offers protection to the battery, resulting in greater power & longer life for the batteries / plates.

Our products are of the latest variety and the highest quality backed by excellent warranties. LUXMI BATTERIES knows that constant technological up gradation is the key to real success & growth.

Products Range

LUXMI BATTERIES is a perfect one stop shop for all your Battery needs and offers...

Standard, M.C., Maruthi, Battery Plates for automotive use, Tubular, Thick, Battery Plates for UPS & Inverter's use.

Heat Sealed Batteries, Lead, Lead Oxide. Distributors of ABI Malaysia's Battery, Reliance Industry's, Recron 3S, Xebec Electronic Invertors and UPS, Polysep PVC Battery Separator and PP Battery Container.

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