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Sure Sine Wave Inverter/UPS

Genus Sure Sine Wave™ Super Inverter™ delivers the same power as you get from the Mains - Always!

Now run all your expensive appliances like Air conditioners, Computers, T.V., Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water Pumps, Microwave Ovens, Mobile Chargers etc. without any tension because only Genus Sine Wave Inverters ensure 100% safety of your appliances. Genus's revolutionary ASIC technology customises wave form needed by different appliances hence ensuring their 100% safety.

• DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Based Sine Wave Inverter
• Compact Surface Mount Technology
• ASIC (auto Sense Intelligent Control Technology
• Power factor controlled battery charger
• Reverse Battery, Battery case blown, Wiring Fault Protections
• Green Mode consumes less power in no load conditions
• Wide charging range for Home UPS (I/P main 90v to 29v)

Advantages of Sine Wave over Square Wave

Sine Wave Square Wave

Clean green power supply same as the Mains

Compromises on power quality due to inefficiency
100% Assurance for quality of power supply that is safe for your appliances
Is harmful for life of your appliances
Increases battery life
Decreases battery life
No humming noise Produces humming noise in fans, tubelights and other gadget
Increases gadget efficiency Decreases gadget efficiency
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